To clean or not to clean

When a car has been used for a considerable period of time, invariably the components are exposed to dust, dirt, moisture, and heat and develop considerable scale of grime both externally and internally. On internals the presence of carbon deposits only decreases the efficiency of lubricants and drastically reduces its life. Externally apart from the poor aesthetics components coated in grime tend to hold moisture/chemicals and accelerates corrosion of both metal and rubber parts.

When restoring an old car its absolutely essential that components are first thoroughly cleaned, free of all deposits so that an accurate assessment of wear can be made and corrective action taken.

There are many ways/stages in cleaning and while a basic solvent and wire brush process offers a decent level of cleanliness it barely gets to tiny specs of foreign matter imbedded in the metal surface pores. Using the correct grit and type of media, with caution in blocking off certain inner passages where you don’t want the media to lodge itself, media blasting is a relatively safe and efficient method of cleaning components. The resultant surface is almost as good as new and gives you the perfect starting point to a comprehensive restoraiton of a component.

For hard to reach surfaces where media blasting is not an option ultrasonic cleaning works best as it loosens dirt with almost no abrasive action.

At Deepak Gir Restorations we are most particular about component cleanliness and have a wide range of tools and equipment that allows us to efficiently clean items as small as fasteners to an entire 8 cylinder block and head or axle.

The process we use gives us the most fresh metal surface to refinish and this allows for longer lasting paint finishes on components. Internally the cleaner components mean lubricants stay at optimal performance standard longer prolonging the life of the rebuilt component.

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