Restoration standards

A vintage car that has seen several decades of use most often will bear signs of wear internally and externally. When you want to restore your car what standards must you consider? As the owner you obviously have all the right to refinish the car to your tastes and preferences.

At Deepak Gir Restorations we had to ask ourselves this question for the very first project as the owner allowed us full freedom to restore the car. After much thought we have settled to a simple mandate for ourselves when restoring cars. Return the car to a condition like when it was brand new. It makes our work much easier as we labouriously toil to attain factory finishes and don’t waste time experimenting with what we think is the best way to restore a car.

Whether it is paint or upholstery, or wiring or components that may have been altered over the years our mandate for ourselves is to take it back to how it was when new. That said we would love to develop skills and techniques of replicating finishes that reflect the age and patina a old car should have. In this light we recognise the value of unmolested cars that still sport original paint, chrome, and upholstery as requiring all effort to be preserved.

Usually its a tough choice when the car is in great shape and best left in original finishes. But if a car has been repainted or refinished then its best to undo the aging paintwork and return the car to original colours and finish

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