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Deepak Kant Gir comes from a prominent banking family of Hyderabad who were amongst the first few people in Hyderabad to own cars when they first started to appear in early 1900's. For over a hundred years the family has held a deep and abiding passion for cars owning several famous marques. The family still retains a 1929 LaSalle, 1934 Austin 12, 1937 Packard limousine, 1939 Packard 120, 1952 Chevrolet Styline Deluxe, 1954 Plymouth convertible and a 1960 Mercedes Ponton. An avid motorcycle enthusiast, Deepak owns and uses regularly a Harley Super Low, Triumph T100, Honda VFR 800 and an Enflied 500.

Coming from a family of passionate auto enthusiasts it was but inevitable that Deepak take it to the next level which entailed a deep desire to rebuild cars, restoring them to their former glory. His first attempt at restoring a car started while working for TVS Sundaram Motors. The 1933 Chevrolet Master Phaeton owned by Sundaram since new, when it represented GM as a dealer in the 1930's, had weathered on all accounts and needed a comprehensive frame off restoration. With spares imported from the US the Chevy restoration saw a meticulous addressing of all aspects, mechanical, electrical, and cosmetic and was returned to its original form that meant its original colour scheme as well.

The next challenge was an opportunity to restore one of the world's most beautiful Rolls Royces. A sports cabriolet by Deepak's favourite design house Gurney Nutting, this specimen is one of only two identical and a total of only three cars ever built in this body style. What started off as a mandate to address a few issues soon turned into a monumental restoration as we discovered the entire woodwork had rotten beyond repair and called for rebuilding the body inner frame from scratch. Never to back down from a challenege Deepak worked tirelessly with a team of dedicated craftsment to meticulously rebuild the white ash frame and reskin the body after carrying out repairs to the metal work. Every aspect of the car mechanically required attention and thanks to an understanding owner no effort was spared to procure parts needed to return every component to its original form, finish and function. The end result to say the least is spectacular. Its been well over 2 years since the car has gone back to its owner and we have not received a single complaint of the car failing on the owner.

The current projects include a very beautiful and original single owner 1941 Packard 120 Convertible sedan and a 1935 Austin 10 Open Road Tourer that are nearing completion.

Deepak uses a simple rule when restoring cars, and that is to faithfully return every aspect of the car to when it was brand new and as intended by its manufacturer. He is very particular not to interfere with original equipment specs and finishes and this kind of focus has only paid dividends in the end results being worth all the effort and pains.

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1933 Chevrolet Master Phaeton owner Chennai
1937 Rolls-Royce 25/30 owner Mumbai

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